Sweat, Dirt, and Crystals

I hate my life today, I no longer want to be a part of this family

Why is my dad such an asshole?? I really hate him, the majority of the time

Always better to let things go and not stew right? Right.

I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is. ~ Forest Gump
Childish much?

God, sometimes people are such children! This girl I know that is 16 (I’m 20) isn’t a huge fan of mine, went behind everyone’s back and told her friend that I was talking shit about her. So of course I get all these calls and messages and shit. Of course the 16 year old get in a shit ton of trouble for it, and the girl and I are fine now. Even though she threatened me over Facebook lol. Some people are so dumb!! I hate people like that!

I wonder…

I people (generally girls) all have really bad self esteems, or if they are just fishing for compliments.  People post shit all the time about how they hate themselves/their lives/etc. you all need to suck it up!  No one is perfect, but that doesn’t mean you have to be depressed about it, grow up!  Sometimes people are so annoying lol. 


Long Time No See

Wow, I haven’t been on here in forever!! Well my life is going pretty well, so far Ike and I have won 4 all arounds at 4 shows :) so thats awesome! Won my first Bob’s saddle, and I totally love it! Only thing that isn’t super great is that there is this one family in the barn that is so annoying, and everybody agrees.  They just always want to be up in your business and they don’t get the concept of not doing anything with other peoples horses if they don’t have express permission to.  The other week the horse in the stall next to theirs was bit by another horse, no big deal right?  Well they get out their own medicine and doctor the small cut then they go tell someone about it.  The girl who takes care of those kinds of things ended up having to wipe all the crap off the horses neck before even seeing what was wrong cause they put so much stuff on it!  Then just last week I went out to the barn and just turned my horse out, and when I put him back, I found horse cookies in his bucket.  Well this just didn’t fly with me because for one, you should never feed other peoples horses, two, my horse gets really bad hives, and three, he is a showmanship horse, and is not allowed to be fed by hand, and how do I know if they tried to feed him by hand or not? So it happened again (cause at first I didn’t know who did it) and I showed the cookies to another lady in the barn and we went through that families box of stuff and found the same type off cookies in there (they were really odd treats).  So I went to my trainer with the problem and she talked to them, thank god!  If I would have talked to them, I probably would have yelled at them, I was so pissed!  Plus yesterday when I went to the barn (before my trainer talked to them) the mother walked right by my horse and gave him a big old kiss on his face, right in front of me.  I was just like, oh hell no!  Don’t touch his face ever!  Also, don’t kiss my horse you idiot!  God, I hate them so much.  I used to be so helpful to them and nice, now they have burned this bridge, and I am no longer going to help them with anything.  There have been a lot of other incidences with them, so hopefully they get kicked out of the barn soon.

Besides that life is great lol! Hope you all have an awesome 4th!!